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Councillor Column - Eighth Avenue

Eighth Avenue between Whatley Crescent and Guildford Road is one of the major retail and café strips in the Maylands town centre. The strip attracts locals and tourists who want to catch-up over great coffee, tuck into good food, scratch that shopping itch or pop into one of Maylands' boutique bars.

Last year, community members at the City's Town Centre Placemaking Workshop told us that an improved Ninth Avenue, and a greener town centre, were top priorities. Now this bustling strip is being upgraded by the City over the next few weeks, with Stage 1 including resurfacing the road with brown granite asphalt, which will make the road more aesthetically pleasing.

The old asphalt will be reused and repurposed to create a hard stand for parking bays on Ninth Avenue, which is an innovative way of utilising this material.

Then, Stage 2 will involve installing planter boxes with trees and lower plantings to enhance the Eighth Avenue streetscape, and this will be carried out at the end of March. The City has been working in collaboration with Maylands Business Association to ensure current improvements are in harmony with the Association's own Streetscape Plan project for Eighth Avenue.

The upgrade will ensure that the road is maintained appropriately and will make the street more attractive and user friendly.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt

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