• "I am grateful and appreciate Catherine’s commitment & support to Bardon Park Friends Group, Berringa Park Friends Group, plus her support to all other Projects, Challenges & Opportunities in the CoB South Ward.

    Catherine is not frightened to address and be involved in controversial issues.

    Catherine keeps south ward informed of all activities in the Ward and manages to get photos of volunteers in the many roles within the ward."

    David Dyke,
    Bardon Park Friends Group (2019)
  • "Catherine Ehrhardt has what you expect from a local councillor- integrity, transparency, passion and compassion. She fights hard for our community, often behind the scenes but always ready to charge the front line. I proudly stand with Catherine, not only because she stands up for our vibrant community when in need, but because she is willing to make personal sacrifice for the betterment of the wider community, and its future. Catherine has a clear vision for what we need, and the patience to wait out the discourse in order to achieve it.  She not only has passion and a deep understanding of the importance of the environment, but also puts these ideals into practice on a daily basis and in her own personal life."

    Leo Flavel,
    Studio 281 (2019)
  • "Catherine Ehrhardt is perhaps the most genuinely community motivated person you could meet. Her actions seem to be informed by what's best for Maylands residents, as well as working business people. Questions/concerns are always met with realistic, unbiased positioning, pertinent information and practical follow through. Her participation and attendance is extensive and her work ethic incredible."

    Michael Heap and Steve Blanco, Esteban's on Whatley (2019)
  • “Catherine is a huge supporter of local businesses and local people. We continue to see our proud community thrive with her tireless involvement. She has given countless hours to Maylands, from planting flowers on a Saturday night, to leading regular busy bees, hanging Christmas decorations and championing neighbourhood events. What we love most about Catherine is that she is only ever a phone call away.”

    Kristy van Heuman and Steve Lavell, Henry on Eighth (2019)
  • "I have known Catherine Ehrhardt for the last 30 years and watched her become active in the Maylands community. She kick started Maylands Markets and invigorated many local community groups. Catherine is well placed to stand for Council and has shown a commitment to working hard for the interests of Maylands Residents, whilst always being available and accessible to hear residents’ concerns."

    Roger Tomlins,
    President of the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association (2019)
  • "I met Councillor Catherine Ehrhardt in April 2016 when she convened a public meeting to discuss the deterioration of the Maylands Lakes.  Until her involvement and support, the water quality of the lakes had been sadly neglected.  Catherine listens, offers encouragement, is conscientious, diligent, and has a tireless hands-on passion for all aspects of her community, particularly local environmental groups."

    Margaret Landre,
    Maylands Resident (2019)
  • "Catherine is a passionate and dedicated member of our Maylands Community. I have worked with her over the last 10 or so years with the Central Eastern Business association and the Berringa & Bardon Parks friends groups, she is dedicated to creating a healthy and vibrant Maylands for future residents to enjoy."

    Greg Pound,
    Berringa Park Friends Group (2019)
  • "Catherine knows Maylands! It is well and truly her home and you can trust she has Maylands sincere best interest at heart! Her passion, vision and enthusiasm is contagious. You can clearly see that she loves Maylands diversity and strives to see it flourish with activity and art in a friendly and inclusive community. She is very responsive and a strong advocate as a councillor. She has always been approachable, respectful and compassionate, willing to help everyone within Maylands broad demographic!"

    Yannick Benoit,
    Yanique Dance Fusion (2019)
  • "Catherine Ehrhardt is an honest and trustworthy member of our community and I support her in her endeavours."

    Vincenzo Garreffa,
    Mondo Di Carne (2019)
  • "Catherine is a passionate advocate and champion of local communities, who, through her work with LACE and other community groups, has successfully demonstrated her capacity to nurture, lead and implement projects that contribute to the activation of our public spaces and foster a sense of belonging and pride in our communities and suburbs. Catherine is a doer and her energy and vision for our suburbs is both refreshing and contagious."

    Natalie Hoye,
    Beaufort & Beyond (2015)
  • "Catherine has been a tireless worker for charity and community events. She has a keen interest in civic affairs and, if elected, will be a strong representative for the South Ward."

    Sonia Turkington,
    Former Councillor for South Ward - City of Bayswater (2015)
  • "Catherine Ehrhardt has been known to me since she was a little girl accompanying her mother at Maylands Historical Association outings. I have since renewed our relationship through the Maylands Ratepayers Association where she has contributed to the life of the meetings bringing a youthful enthusiasm, an ability to grasp concepts and procedures quickly, and have a great concern for community issues seemingly with little effort. Her drive and energy seems boundless. The establishment of Local Arts and Community Events, running her shop as well as administrating the Hawkers markets in Maylands and having a family with three children indicates her abilities and she would be an asset to any organisation she is involved with. I have no hesitation recommending Catherine."

    Roger Tomlins,
    President of the Maylands Residents and Ratepayers Association (2015)
  • "I have personally known Catherine and her family for many years. Catherine is a hardworking and dedicated member of the Maylands community. She is passionate about the area and has shown that she has foresight and is not afraid to address issues which may impact on the future development of this amazing suburb. I have personally sought Catherine’s advice on many occasions about issues pertaining to Maylands. I have found her extremely approachable, knowledgeable and consultative. She has a strong work ethic and her no-nonsense approach to problem solving will ensure that she gets the job done. She has the best interest of all the residents who live in Maylands. Catherine has the qualities which are essential in a Councillor and is the person who should be elected onto Council."

    Teresa Ferguson,
    Teacher at Maylands Peninsula Primary School (2015)
  • "I have known Catherine Ehrhardt professionally for approximately 12 months and have had several dealings with her in her capacity as a local business owner and chairperson for the Local Arts and Community Events (LACE) group. I have found her to be a committed individual with a genuine passion for the development and well-being of her local community."

    Dave Withnell, Officer in Charge, Bayswater Police Station (2015)
  • "I’ve known Catherine for a few years now. She is what I call a ‘goer’. She is not frightened to get stuck in and do things – not for monetary gain, but for the good of the community. The Hawkers markets are a prime example. I commend her for her enthusiasm and hard work."

    Angela Loucaides,
    Maylands Resident (2015)


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