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My Commitment to you.

With your continued support and vote, I commit to:

  • Protection of the Maylands Brickworks for community use and benefit.

  • Developing well-designed places that are safer, interconnected, and inclusive.

  • Supporting revitalisation of the Maylands Town Centre.

  • Prioritising better street lighting, road safety, and beautification of our streets and parks.

  • Finding a solution to the water quality and midge issues at the Maylands Lakes.

  • Further enhancing and protecting of our beautiful natural environment.

  • Continuing to engage local people in key decisions that affect you.

  • Improving Safety and Security

  • Activating the front area at The RISE and getting a café lease back in there.

  • Driving further improvements in our town centres that supports business and community connection.

Proven Track Record

I have been a vocal advocate for you on many issues and achieved great outcomes for our community including:

  • Secured funding for the stabilisation of the Maylands Brickworks Hoffman Kiln.

  • As chair of the Maylands Waterland Working Group, helped to secure a contemporary play space that also reflects the site's unique history and ecology.

  • Initiated planning amendment to restrict Vape shops near schools and playgrounds.

  • Supported development and implementation of the Financial Hardship Policy to support ratepayers doing it tough.

  • Initiated Place Management Program, resulting in the activation and beautification of Maylands and also resulted in creating the local group “Creative Maylands”.

  • Implementation of an Urban Forest Strategy, Cultural Plan, and Reconciliation Action Plan.

  • Initiated the district-wide Age Friendly Strategy.

  • Moved to establish the "Buy In Baysie" grants to help businesses recover through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Delivered a State Championship level facility at the new City of Bayswater Skate Park.

  • Supported the lease to Ten Golf who had the capacity to finally redevelop the Maylands Golf Course.

  • Planted more trees in the last two years than in the previous four years combined.

  • Secured funding for the restoration of our precious environmental areas.

  • Consistently advocated responsible budgets and robust strategic and corporate planning.

A bit more about me

My involvement in the local community goes back decades, long before I became a Councillor. I’m a hardworking and passionate Maylands parent, resident, and an active community member with experience in operating a business in Maylands. Generations of my family have called Maylands home for over 80 years.

I also have a Diploma of Local Government and work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

For decades I have sought to raise others up and build community. My love of the area led me to establish and support many events and groups to make a positive difference.

  • Founder of Local Arts and Community Events Inc. (LACE)

  • Steering committee member of the Maylands Street Festival for over 10 years

  • Founder of the Roxy Lane Community Garden

  • Foundation member of the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association

  • Member of the Maylands Residents and Ratepayers Association for over 10 years.

  • Member of the Maylands Business Association for over 10 years.

I have a proven track record of just getting on with the job and working for our community, putting you first.


It’s a privilege serving as your Councillor and Deputy Mayor and I’m seeking your continued support to re-elect me in the Local Government Elections 2023.

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