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2023 - Re-election Campaign Announcement

My involvement in the local community goes back decades, long before I became a Councillor. I have had the privilege of representing our community as both Councillor and Deputy Mayor since 2015 and being a vocal advocate for you on many issues. We have come so far together and there is potential for so much more.

Some of the achievements I am most proud of as your local representative:
✅ Initiated Place Management Program, resulting in the activation and beautification of Maylands.
✅ As chair of the Maylands Waterland Working Group, helped to secure a contemporary play space that also reflects the site's unique history and ecology.
✅ Initiated the district-wide Age Friendly Strategy.
✅ Moved the motion to establish the "Buy In Baysie" grants to help businesses recover through the COVID pandemic.
✅ As a long-term member of the Skate and Bike Advisory Committee, helped design and deliver a State Championship level   facility at the City of Bayswater Skate Park.
✅ Supported the Cultural Plan, Play Space Strategy, Reconciliation Action Plan, and Urban Forest Strategy.
✅ Secured funding for the restoration of our precious environmental areas.
✅ Consistently advocated responsible budgets and robust strategic and corporate planning.

For decades I have sought to raise others up and build community. My love of the area led me to found and support many events and groups to make a positive difference.
🔸Founder of Local Arts and Community Events Inc. (LACE)
🔸 Co-ordinator and/or Steering committee of the Maylands Street Festival for over 10 years
🔸 Founder of the Maylands Hawker Markets
🔸 Founder of the Roxy Lane Community Garden
🔸 Supported and volunteered with Creative Maylands
🔸 Foundation member of the Maylands Historical and Peninsula Association
🔸 Member of the Maylands Residents and Ratepayers Association for over 10 years.

I am hardworking & dedicated. I need your support and vote to keep Building a Better Future for Our Community.

2019​ Election Campaign

It has been a privilege to serve as your South Ward Council representative since 2015, and I am seeking your support to re-elect me in the upcoming Council Elections.  I am a passionate Maylands parent, resident, and an active community member with experience in operating a business in Maylands. Generations of my family have called Maylands home for nearly 80 years.  Working in partnership with you, I’ve been able to help create, and support innovative and practical actions in a range of areas that are of benefit to our community.  I have volunteered in a number of roles for over 15 years, from local events management (including the Maylands Street Festival and Hawker Markets), supporting our environmental groups, to rolling up my sleeves and cleaning up our town centre.

As your Councillor I have:

  • Initiated Place Management Program, resulting in the activation and beautification of Maylands.

  • Initiated the district wide Age Friendly Strategy.

  • Supported the Cultural Plan, Play Space Strategy, Reconciliation Action Plan, and Urban Forest Strategy.

  • Secured funding for restoration for our precious environmental areas.

  • Ensured Council is accountable, transparent and works fairly for our community.


With your continued support and vote, I commit to:

  • Progressing the activation of the Maylands Brickworks for community use and benefit.

  • Developing well-designed places that are interconnected, cycle friendly, and walkable.

  • Driving further improvements in our town centres, that supports businesses and community connection.

  • Prioritising high quality urban design, heritage protection and public art.

  • Protecting our environment for current and future generations.

  • Continuing to engage local people in key decisions that affect them.


To continue with progressive change in our community, I need your support and your vote.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss any local issues:


2015 Election Campaign

My name is Catherine Ehrhardt, I am 43 years old and my family has lived in Maylands for the past 75 years. My husband, Grant, and I are raising 3 young children in Maylands, and I run a small business in Maylands.  In my spare time I work to create a vibrant community in Maylands. I started the not for profit group, Local Arts and Community Events Inc. (LACE) that runs the Maylands Markets . I have also been an integral part of every Maylands Street Festival (both with the Maylands Business Association as well as with Local Arts & Community Events Inc.


I am not a member of any political party.


My vision for the City of Bayswater is to reconnect our community by creating public spaces where people want to spend time, supporting growing local businesses and encouraging inclusive community events.

I want to help contribute to policy that will allow the City of Bayswater to continue to thrive for years to come. I know how far the City has come and I know we can go a lot further.

As your Councillor I will fight to:


  • Ensure the City of Bayswater is accountable, transparent and works fairly for all the community


  • Listen and include all the voices of our community in Council planning


  • Create an arts, cultural and community framework and strategic plan that brings people and neighbourhoods together


  • Increase staffing and more frequent patrols of the Bayswater Rangers and Security Services to ensure the safety of neighbourhoods and businesses


  • Improve community services for the elderly and people with disabilities


  • Develop a strategic plan for Active Ageing (Age Friendly City)


  • Implement a multifaceted car-parking strategy for Maylands


  • Conserve bushlands, wetlands, riverbanks and open spaces for future generations

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