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Maylands Brickworks - I got Funding!!!

On Tuesday night Council unanimously supported my amended motion in order to commit funding to the Maylands Brickworks.

I want to thank the Friends of Maylands Brickworks for their tireless advocacy on this site and it’s importance to the fabric of Maylands.

A big thank you to everyone who loves the Maylands Brickworks and has helped in some way to helping preserve it for the future.

The motion I put forward is below (minus the reserves table)

That Council:

1. Notes the outcomes of the Community Reference Group (CRG) funding options discussion forum in

relation to the essential rectification works/baseworks to the Hoffman Kiln as detailed in Conservation

Package 2 in the Business Case report.

2. Reallocates $250,000 from the Major Capital Works Reserve to fund preliminary works for the Maylands

Brickworks essential rectification works/baseworks, as follows: (Reserves table)

3. Endorses Maylands Brickworks as the priority project to identify and allocate remaining funds in the

2023/24 mid-year budget review, and the 2024/25 Long Term Financial Plan.

4. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to present a report at the Ordinary Council Meeting in December

2023 in relation to the following matters:

(a) A proposed schedule of annual maintenance works and associated estimated costs for the Maylands

Brickworks Reserve (inclusive of all buildings) to inform an annual amount to be considered by Council

as part of the mid-year 2023/24 Budget review and the subsequent annual budgets process.

(b) The consideration and addressing of future land uses of the Maylands Brickworks Reserve and any

required (rezoning) amendment to the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 24 from Medium/High Density

Residential to Local Public Open Space in consultation with the Friends of Maylands Brickworks.

5. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to commence discussions with the Friends of Maylands Brickworks

regarding the Memorandum of Understanding to support the group in seeking alternative sources of

funding for works at the Maylands Brickworks site, and present a report on the outcome of these

discussions at the Ordinary Council Meeting in December 2023.

A further limb 6 regarding advocacy was added, but I don’t have exact wording until minutes are released later this month.

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