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Monthly Report - December 2021

Proposed Developments for Maylands

Approval Granted to Pizzeria Amore Mio, 277 &279 Guildford Road Maylands At the November Council meeting Council unanimously supported my alternate recommendation to approve redevelopment plans submitted by the owners of Pizzeria Amore Mio to transform the derelict MG building on Guildford Road into a new restaurant featuring a vineyard and cheese production area. This new restaurant will be in addition to their existing pizzeria. This is going to be an exciting addition to our area. Whilst Main Roads have not yet supported the plans, I am hopeful that approval will be granted by the WA Planning Commission.

Approval granted for 168 Guildford Road Maylands

A development application was considered by the Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) for the aforementioned property which includes a supermarket (Woolworths), Doctors surgery, Childcare Centre, Offices, retail and residential apartments. This was unanimously approved by the JDAP (I am one of the two elected members that sits on this panel). My personal note is that I welcome the addition of new supermarket competition in Maylands and I would be expecting an announcement that the Coles group will lift the standard of their offering to our community in the coming year.

Gibbney Reserve Redevelopment

The City will be redeveloping Gibbney Reserve in the near future. The aim is to improve the overall amenity of the reserve and enhance play and recreation for park users. This project will be funded by the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

To develop the detailed design for the redevelopment, we invited community to tell us:

Your thoughts on the draft concept plan, how you use the reserve and what you would like to see, specifically in the play space design.

A draft concept plan illustrates the City’s proposal of a new play precinct on the southern end of the reserve. The current play equipment on the eastern side has reached the end of its useful life and will be removed as part of the redevelopment.

As well as community input, the City of Bayswater will consider technical advice, budget and available resources.

What will be included in the redevelopment?

Gibbney Reserve is classified as a District Park, primarily used for organised sport with some recreation. The City will provide accessible pathways, park furniture and a play space for the community to enjoy. Local tree and shrub species will be planted around the reserve to provide natural shade and ground cover.


Local Government Reforms

The State Government has announced the most significant package of major reforms for WA local government since the Local Government Act 1995 was passed more than 25 years ago.

The proposed reforms are based on six themes:

• Earlier intervention, effective regulation and stronger penalties

• Reducing red tape, increasing consistency and simplicity

• Greater transparency and accountability

• Stronger local democracy and community engagement

• Clear roles and responsibilities

• Improved financial management and reporting.

Anyone may submit comments either directly by email, or by adding comments to the Summary of Proposed Reforms document and emailing the document to

Comments must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 25 February 2022 to be considered.

Resignation of the CEO

Andrew Brien resigned from his position as CEO of the City of Bayswater on Monday 6 December 2021.

Under his leadership, the City has taken great strides over the past four and a half years. We have been recognised within the local government sector and have attracted national attention for our innovative projects, change management practices and commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Andrew has chosen to have his letter of resignation made public and is included on the Agenda for the last Council meeting (Under Separate Cover) and you may wish to have a read of it (pages 5 & 6 on the following link):

Maylands Waterland development

The upgrade of Maylands Waterland is underway, with works progressing on the site.

Despite high winter rainfall and the impact on the global supply chain and labour availability due to COVID-19 affecting the works, the facility will be open for use by the April school holidays.

Once complete, stage one of the redeveloped water playground will include a variety of family-friendly water play elements, such as a water creek, wading pool and splash pad. Inspired by local native flora and fauna, it will also feature access for all abilities, plenty of shade and links to the river foreshore.

The City anticipates opening the main parkland to the public in April 2022.

Maylands Lakes – Water Quality Update

Dredging - Apex Envirocare have been contracted to undertake dredging of a specified area of Lake Brearley. The dredging was due to commence on 29 November however at a recent site visit Apex have advised their mobilisation to site will be delayed until early February 2022 due to delays being experienced on other jobs that they are committed to undertake. Whilst extremely disappointing, the delay does have some benefits, as the operation will not be interrupted by the standard two-week construction shut down over the Christmas and New Year period. The delay would also allow the dredging operation to take advantage of the slightly lower water levels in the lake that are typically present in February – this should improve access to the deepest areas of the lake.

Ultrasonic Units - Early field observations indicate they are having a positive impact with a change in water colour in Lake Brearley post installation of the units (green to more yellow) and a reduction in floating algal slicks. The City will continue to monitor over the 12 month trial period.

Midges - City officers are continuing to maintain four solar-powered midge traps around Lake Brearley and along with the application of larvicide treatments of the water to help control midge numbers. The number of midges in the traps provides officers with an indication of the number of midge present in the local environment. Officers will continue to carry out larvicide treatments to the maximum of licence conditions. The City has also recently installed lighting towers to try and attract midge away from residential areas.

Mechanical Mixers - The commissioning of the mechanical mixing device in Lake Brearley has been finalised and it is now fully operational. As the mixing device funnels water from the surface to the bottom of the lake there is the potential for a temporary discolouration of the lake as sediment beneath the device is disturbed. Such discolouration will have no impact on the lake fauna.

City officers will continue to work with contractors to commission the mechanical mixing device at

Lake Bungana. It is expected that this will be finalised and operational prior to Christmas.

All meetings are now lived streamed and can be viewed here:

Councillor attendance at Briefing/Deputations, Special Council and Ordinary Council meetings is publicly available and updated regularly:

Councillors representing the City of Bayswater on Internal and External Committees. In addition to representing ratepayers and residents on the City of Bayswater Council, your 11 Elected Members also participate in various other bodies (internal and external to the organisation). These appointments occur after each local government election. Below is an updated list of appointees: Audit and Risk Management Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti, Cr Michelle Sutherland, Cr Josh Eveson and Cr Giorgia Johnson. Cr Catherine Ehrhardt (deputy) Chief Executive Officer Review Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti, Cr Giorgia Johnson and Cr Elli Petersen-Pik. Cr Catherine Ehrhardt (deputy)

Aged Care Governance Committee - Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Josh Eveson and Cr Dan Bull. Aged Care Asset Divestment Committee - Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Josh Eveson and Cr Dan Bull. Planning and Heritage Policy Review and Development Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti, Cr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Elli Petersen-Pik, Cr Assunta Meleca and Cr Josh Eveson. Policy Review and Development Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti, Cr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Lorna Clarke, Cr Steven Ostaszewskyj and Cr Josh Eveson. Reconciliation Advisory Committee - Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Sally Palmer, Cr Josh Eveson and Cr Dan Bull. Skate and Bike Development Advisory Committee - Cr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Michelle Sutherland, Cr Steven Ostaszewskyj and Cr Josh Eveson. COVID-19 Advisory Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti, Cr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Giorgia Johnson, Cr Elli Petersen-Pik, and Cr Steven Ostaszewskyj. Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel - Cr Filomena Piffaretti and Cr Catherine Ehrhardt. Cr Josh Eveson (deputy). Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council - Cr Michelle Sutherland and Cr Steven Ostaszewskyj. Cr Giorgia Johnson (deputy).

Eastern Regional Road Funding Committee - Cr Steven Ostaszewskyj, Cr Catherine Ehrhardt (deputy) WALGA East Zone - Cr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Josh Eveson, and Cr Giorgia Johnson. Cr Filomena Piffaretti (deputy) Bayswater State Emergency Service (SES) Committee - Cr Filomena Piffaretti. Perth Airports Municipality Group Inc.- Cr Filomena Piffaretti. Cr Michelle Sutherland (deputy) Bayswater Child Care Association Inc. - Cr Michelle Sutherland, Cr Sally Palmer and Cr Dan Bull. Local Emergency Management Committee - Cr Sally Palmer.

Inclusion and Diversity CommitteeCr Catherine Ehrhardt, Cr Assunta Meleca, Cr Elli Petersen-Pik, Cr Giorgia Johnson and Cr Sally Palmer.

In addition to the above committees I have also been re-elected on to WALGA State Council, and have been elected as the Vice President of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association of WA.

Urban Tree Policy Update

I don’t think there is any disagreement that Trees are vital, but they can be a very polarising topic within our district. The Council has supported some changes to our Urban Tree Policy - the most notable being

Changing from an “Opt out” to an “Opt in” street tree planting on residents verges. For me this was based in the amount of requests that come in for verge tree removals of newly planted trees (not liking tree selected, didn’t receive the notification letter etc.) or the outright vandalism/removal of trees being planted without outright adjacent landowner permission. This is a cost that adds up very quickly for our ratepayers.

Changes enabling pruning for improved cleanliness and also branches overhanging fence lines. For me this is about empowering our residents to have ownership of their verge trees and look after them. I personally don’t think we should be fining homeowners $500 if they need to prune a branch that is hanging too low for instance.

A standard approach to tree removal for subdivision and development. There was a lack of consistency between various policies, and these changes will deliver more certainty around urban trees, provide consistency for those looking to develop (City’s Crossover Policy, and Trees on Private Land and

Street Verges Policy is required to align those policies with the amended Urban Trees Policy). There was also a lack of consistency with some applicants asked to pay a Helliwell value as well as a tree replacement fee, and other just a Helliwell value. The changes apply only a Helliwell value (nb: this is usually the more expensive of the 2 values).

The policy will be updated and reflected on the website soon.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

For the final report for this year I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

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