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An issue that has concerned me for some time has been the lack of accessible and safe crossing points along Guildford Road. Did you know that Guildford Road carries approximately 34,000 vehicles a day and that it is 1.3 kms between the signalised crossing points of Falkirk Avenue, and the Garratt Road intersections.

Can you can imagine how daunting that is to cross for children? the elderly? or people with a disability?

It is my view, and one that many residents have raised with me as well, that the City needs to look at addressing the lack of a north-south link across Guildford Road, and provide a safe crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists.

My motion on a Protected Crossing Point on Guildford Road is that:

"The Council request that the CEO arrange investigation of the options for a protected (signalised or grade separated) crossing point on Guildford Road (between Morrison Street and Belgrave Street) and report on the options available, inclusive of all funding options, be presented to Council by November 2019 for consideration in the City’s 2020/21 budget process."


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