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Monthly Report - March 2022

Maylands Tennis Club

The City of Bayswater have completed works to make the Maylands Tennis Club more accessible for its members and the tennis community. The City installed new connecting pathways, an ACROD ramp leading to the clubrooms and two new ACROD parking bays. The new pathway connects all users to the club at Clarkson Reserve from both car parks to picnic seating, hard surface and grass tennis courts and to the new ramp.

Whatley Crescent Clearway

At the February OCM Counil unanimously supported my notice of motion to remove the clearway on Whatley Cres (shop side) permanently, and increase the parking time to 2hrs in order to help support our wonderful local businesses.

Underground Power

I’m pleased to report that at the January OCM the majority of Council supported my Notice of Motion for Underground Power at its last meeting. The aim of this motion is to start looking at reducing Urban Heat Island effect by shading our main roads and footpaths. Underground power also gives opportunity to

• improve street lighting • improve road safety • improve power reliability and security • improve street appearance

• reduce street tree pruning on these roads.

This motion is separate from the current State Underground Power Program that is currently in design phase for Maylands residential areas.

Motion wording

“That Council requests the Chief Executive Officer to:

1. Engage with Western Power on the possibility of undergrounding overhead powerlines along the City's main arterial routes.

2. Prepare a feasibility report on the possible options including project extent and staging, funding mechanisms and models, benefit cost analysis, timing and risks.

3. List a provisional amount of up to $30,000 for consideration in the draft 2022-2023 Budget to outsource the investigation, liaison and preparation of the report.

4. Present the report to Council by December 2022 for further consideration.”

Cloth Nappy Rebate

The City of Bayswater is now offering a cloth nappy rebate to help residents make the switch from disposable to cloth nappies and reduce household waste.

Up to 150 households will benefit from the scheme, which will enable families to apply for a 50% rebate of up to $100 towards the hire or purchase of cloth nappies. Find out more:

Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Late last year Council supported my motion to form a new committee (which is an expansion of the previous Community Access and Inclusion Committee).

The new Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council regarding implementation of the City’s Access and Inclusion Plan. It also aims to promote equality and equal opportunity for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, persons with disabilities, and people who identify as LGBTIQA+ in accessing and using City services and programs. The Council will be selecting the community representative members later this month.

The first Wind Telephone in Western Australia!

At the February OCM Council supported my alternate recommendation which will allow Mrs Merle Taylor to install a Wind telephone at Claughton Reserve. I hope this will help ease both the loss Mrs Taylor has suffered and others in our community who have suffered loss and are still grieving.

The alternate motion reads -

That Council:

1. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to permit the proponent to install a wind telephone at Claughton Reserve to City specifications using a suitably insured contractor, and to engage with the relevant First Nations Australians to determine appropriate positioning of the installation;

2. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to advise the proponent that the installation would be their responsibility to maintain in good working order, and replace should vandalism occur;

3. Notes should the installation not be kept in good order it will be removed by the City.

Maylands Street Festival is Back!

I was pleased to move the Officers Recommendation of $20,000 funding towards the Maylands Street Festival 2022, which was supported unanimously by the Council. Running every 2 years since 2008 and drawing crowds of up to 20,000 people it is always a great day to showcase our town centre and our superb local businesses. Lots of fun things to see and do from children’s activities, to live music and roving entertainers. Maylands hasn't had a Festival since 2019 (due to COVID), but LACE Inc has planning for November 2022 well underway!

Sustainability in Design

Five years ago I had a notice of motion to introduce Biophilic design into our planning. Whilst it may have taken some time to get to this point, and it may only be small steps so far, I am really glad to see this start.

The new policy aims to provide guidance on sustainable design for new developments to help make the City of Bayswater a more climate change resilient and liveable City.

The policy aims to provide guidance to developers on how to address sustainability as part of the planning and development process within the City, whilst responding to the changing needs of the community, environment and the economy in an efficient, functional and attractive manner.

This new Sustainability in Design Policy specifically covers COOL ROOFS and BIOPHILIC DESIGN.

Maylands Waterland Update

It was previously envisaged that the whole facility, including water play, could be available to the community for the Easter 2022 school holiday period. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

The Maylands Waterland Redevelopment Project is nearing completion, however, is experiencing a number of construction challenges. Most recently hot weather with conditions in excess of 38 degrees which has impacted both labour supply and the ability to pour concrete to schedule. This has been compounded by logistical supply issues with key items held up in transit both nationally and internationally.

Given the additional summer complications listed above, the revised construction completion is now likely to slip to 11 April 2022. This is not accounting for any further delays that may be attributed to COVID-19 impacting the labour force and local supply chain over the coming months.

There is also a requirement for statutory water quality testing to be conducted by the Department of Health following construction completion prior to the water play elements being available for public use. The Water testing will take a minimum of three weeks to complete meaning that water play will not be available prior to May 2022 (noting that the Water elements will not be turned on during April-September each year).

The public open space, dry play and picnic areas will be available for community use by late April/early May 2022, however, the water play elements will now become available to the community from (September/October 2022).

Bayswater Women’s Hub

Welcome to Maylands! The Bayswater Women’s Hub hosted a fantastic open day on Sunday 6 March in honour of International Women's Day.

The Bayswater Women’s Hub is a grass-roots organisation, run by a team of passionate, professional locals. Their vision is to connect and empower the women of Bayswater and beyond. They aim to expand community access to resources, lower environmental impacts, and build connection, resilience, community, and capability.

The Hub includes two initiatives: the Bayswater Tool Library and the Bayswater Women’s Workshop, which are designed to address the needs of women.

The Bayswater Women’s Hub is located in the clubrooms at Shearn Memorial Park. For more information:

New Notices of Motion

At the March OCM I have the following notices of motion.

1: Meeting Venue for the MRRA

That Council:

1. Approves a donation of $294 to the MRRA for waiver of fees to the Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association for the fees and charges associated with hire of the community hall at The RISE for their monthly meetings for the remainder of the 2021/22 financial year, based on the applicable rate of $49 per hour.

2. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to review the fees and charges applicable to community groups for hire of City facilities as part of the 2022/23 budget process.

2: Wheelchair accessible swing at Bardon Park Playground

That Council:

1. Requests the CEO to include a wheelchair accessible swing in the playground design at Bardon Park; and

2. Considers the installation of the swing using cash-in-lieu of public open space funds, as a priority project, when the designs for Bardon Park are presented to Council for adoption.

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