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Monthly Report - December 2020

Proposed Developments for Maylands

Proposed Seven Storey Mixed Use Development (JDAP Application)

Lot 500, 43-53 Eighth avenue, Maylands (building where old Lyric Theatre was)

Submissions have now closed, but plans can be viewed here:

The development will be assessed by the Metro Inner-North JDAP in early 2021.

Serviced Apartments including Albany Bell Hatchery Façade

Lot 1 & 2, 88 & 90 GUILDFORD ROAD, Mt Lawley

The advertising period closes at 4.30pm on 15 December 2020. Plans can be viewed here:

Three Storey Commercial Development Comprising Child Care and Two Retail Shops

Lot 47, 67 Eighth Avenue, Maylands

The development has been approved by Council at the OCM on 24 November.

Permanent Part-time Closure of Lyric Laneway

Lyric laneway will be closed to vehicles and open for alfresco dining and events on weekdays from 5pm to midnight, and weekends (and public holidays) from 12.30pm to midnight.

The unanimous decision by Council to approve the permanent part-time use of the laneway follows a successful trial earlier this year.

Maylands Public Toilet

The Maylands Public Toilet on Whatley Crescent is nearing completion. Thank you again to the MRRA and Cr Petersen-Pik for pushing back to the City Officers and finding a more suitable location. And, of course, a big thank you to Lisa Baker MLA for securing funding for the State Government that financed the majority of the new City asset.

Directly Elected Mayor

This topic has been a bit of a ping pong game this year. In June the Majority of Council voted to remove the topic of how the Mayor is elected from the public consultation paper on the ward boundary and Councillor representation review. Then in October we saw an amendment to bring in a directly elected Mayor in time for the 2021 election (this was lost), and then in December we saw a motion to go out to the community via a referendum in 2021 to ask them how they want the Mayor elected (this motion was lost).


The City of Bayswater is reviewing its Community Engagement Framework to make sure they’re engaging with our community on activities and projects in the most meaningful way.

The survey closes at 5pm on Monday 14 December 2020.

FUTURE LANEWAY ACTIVATION in Maylands town centre.

“The Secret Laneways and Hidden Gems festival of ideas” (organised by Creative Maylands) was held on Thursday 10 December 2020. It was very well attended, with myself and Mayor Dan Bull in attendance representing the City.

Participants considered the laneways, and helped in developing ideas that will inform City plans for subsequent improvements to these lanes.

Town Team Movement have been engaged by the City to facilitate the interactive tour around Greenslade Lane, Roxy Lane, Sargent's Lane, Ellard Lane and Lyric Lane.

Council has allocated $30,000 for laneway activation in Maylands for this financial year.


It was a pleasure to represent the City at the temples annual thank you to their volunteers event at Bardon Park on Saturday 5 December. With over 400 volunteers, they are a true asset to our community. They welcome all to the temple.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

For the final report for this year I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

In a year that saw the rise of Covid-19 and it’s mass destruction on peoples health and lives across the world, we must take a moment to be thankful for how truly lucky we are in Western Australia. Regardless, WA has not been immune to the effects of Covid-19 with most people experiencing a truly horrific year. It has been a hard year for myself included with Covid-19 effects hitting my family quite hard and taking a toll. We are on the up and I’ll certainly be celebrating the end of 2020.

I will be having a “Council Hiatus” and having Official leave this year and switching my phone and email off from 21 December 2020 to 11 January 2021 in order to spend some quality, uninterrupted, family staycation time with my husband and our three children.

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. If the matter is urgent (while I am on leave), please contact the City directly on ph: 9272 0622 or email: with urgent in the subject line.


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