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A great big thank you to City of Bayswater Officer Alex Devine for his work in developing the Berringa Park Wetlands Conservation Management plan. Over the next 10 years, the conservation plan will aim to restore 10 zones within this wetland area. One of the key actions of the plan will be to establish an ongoing planting program with the help of the community (Berringa Park Friends Group) to replace non-endemic plants with native vegetation.

The conservation plan is part of the City's long term commitment to restore its 11km stretch of the Swan River foreshore, and was created in response to community feedback regarding weeds harmful to the natural habitat including arum lilies, Brazilian pepper trees, castor oil trees and blackberry.

To mark the rollout of the restoration plan, the City of Bayswater and volunteer group Friends of Berringa Reserve will hold a Community Planting Day on Sunday 16 August.

Members of the community are invited to help plant a number of endemic seedlings that will not only provide habitat for native fauna such as frogs, birds and insects, but also help produce a floral display coming into the spring months.

Full details of the Berringa Park Wetlands Restoration plan can be found here:

More information on the Berringa Park Wetlands Community Planting Day can be found here:

Special thanks to Berringa Park Friends Group for the work they are doing in looking after our precious natural area.

Photo: The Berringa Park drain (all tidied up and ready to plant), which is the site of the planting day where we will be planting sedges along the water edges to act as both filtration as well as habitat and protection for native wildlife.

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