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Monthly Report - August 2020


In response to the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Audit (undertaken by Lisa Baker, Central 55 and myself in 2015) and several requests from myself to improve the lighting along Eighth Avenue in Maylands. On Wednesday 29th of July these works finally occurred, changing the Street lighting to LED which is much brighter, more energy efficient and is far more reliable (the anticipation being that light outages will be significantly reduced

Laneway lighting (in the town centre) was also identified in the CPTED audit. As you all know, the laneway lights have had lights out on numerous occasions causing the area to feel unsafe. In particular, there are currently 3 inoperative lights along Lyric Lane at the moment. The City's in-house electrician has investigated this matter and found power to these lights is available at ground level. He will be undertaking further investigations (cherry picker required) to establish the cause of the fault and replace/repair these lights. With respect to future lighting upgrades within the laneways, it is anticipated to changeover these lights to LEDs within the next 3 - 6 months. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been difficult to source the light fittings as they are coming in from Europe.


I am pleased to report that an issue I raised through the Community Access and Inclusion Committee has now been finalised. The City had installed a series of wheelchair accessible picnic tables at Bardon Park, but did not install the necessary pathways to reach them. In particular, the table at the top of the rise near the playground was difficult to get to. I requested (nearly 2 years ago) that accessible paths be installed, with particular attention to the top table and connection down to the ACROD parking bay. These works were done over the COVID period, and I am happy to report that all tables and BBQs are now accessible for people using walking aids/wheelchairs.

I am still pursuing how to achieve an accessible path (as well as stairway) from the top of the park down to the toilets at the lower park.


The City of Bayswater has $2.5million in the 2020/21 budget (1.5 million allocated from the Public Open Space Cash in Lieu program – subject to Ministerial approval) to progress the redevelopment of the Maylands Waterland site. The City has appointed Josh Byrne and Associates to develop the detailed concept design to inform the final as construct plans. The City has also been liaising with key stakeholders and government agencies in order to progress some of the preliminary approvals required. All discussions and feedback to date in that area has been positive. Once the plans are finalised in the coming weeks they will be considered by Council prior to further release.

The City is on track for demolition to commence toward the end of 2020 with the first phase of facilities being toilet / changing, shallow pool, splash pad, community BBQ / picnic and a mobile catering area completed for community use by November 2021.

I’ve seen preliminary plans, and whilst it is not Waterland as we know it, I think the community will be pleased with what will be done at this site.


Under the Local Government Act 1995 a ward review should take place at least every eight years. The last review for the City of Bayswater was undertaken in 2012; where no changes were made. In June Council resolved to undertake the review in the second half of 2020.

The City currently has four wards (North, Central, West & South) with three Councillors for each ward; with the exception of the South ward which has two. You can use the City's interactive map (

to find out which ward you live in and who your local representatives are.

Have your say before it closes at 5pm Wednesday 19 August 2020.

For all details, please follow the link


The City has partnered with our local environmental groups across the district to plant 68,000 native shrubs and seedlings. The great turnout of volunteers at all the events to date has been very heart warming. There are still a few opportunities to get your hands dirty, and these are the last community planting days of the season

🌱Claughton Reserve (Bayswater) Saturday 15 August, 9.30-11.30am

🌱Berringa Reserve (Maylands) Sunday 16 August, 9am-12pm

🌱Eric Singleton Wetlands (Bayswater) Saturday 22 August, 9am-12pm

* BYO gloves and water bottle and dress for outdoor work. No need to book or register...just turn up


The City has allocated $120,000 on the current budget towards underground power works in Maylands. The State Underground Power Program (SUPP) has been disrupted substantially due to COVID-19. Western Power anticipates that the design for Maylands Central will be finalised before the end of year. From there Western Power be able to give firm quotations for each affected property owner. They are anticipating a completion date of May-July 2021.


The City's transition to a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) waste management system will start from February/March 2021. Originally planned for July 2020, the rollout of FOGO was delayed as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the City’s ability to effectively deliver a community education program while restrictions were in place.

The FOGO system will build on the City's existing three-bin waste management approach by allowing organic food waste in the green-top bin, along with organic garden waste. This will further reduce waste sent to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions, and result in the production of a high-quality compost. Comprehensive information and help for all residents will be provided ahead of the February/March 2021 transition, and no changes are required until this time.

The City intends to host information sessions and circulate hard copy and digital information across the community.

For more information, please head to:


The City of Bayswater will host two free webinars to raise awareness for and normalise conversations around gynaecological health. As part of the City's Community Upskiller event series, the webinars - Not So Secret Women's Business - on September 3 and September 7 will be led by gynaecological cancer survivor and women's health advocate Kath Mazzella.

Coinciding with International Gynaecological Awareness Day, the informative sessions will lift the veil on gynaecological issues and related mental health concerns.

In addition to these webinars, the City will host a number of other free workshops as part of its Community Upskiller series.

Workshops will focus on managing club finances, attracting and retaining volunteers and much more. Bookings are essential. Find out more and register at


Last year I was contacted by the SJOGH board in relation to getting the road speed reduced surrounding the hospital in Mt Lawley. Earlier this year the City submitted an application to Main Roads WA to reduce the speed along Thirlmere Rd, Ellesmere Rd, Mitchell St and Stanley St. The Council has recently approved (in principle) to reduce the speed limit in the residential area surrounding St John of God Hospital, Mount Lawley, to 40km/hr. It aims to improve the safety of the area to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the area, as well as those attending the hospital. Community consultation will take place before a final decision is made.

GUILDFORD ROAD INTERSECTIONS MRWA is in the process of establishing a Working Group with the City of Bayswater to look at improvements to various intersections along Guildford Road. The intersection of Seventh Ave and Guildford Road has been listed as one of the intersections for review. At this stage the review is of the intersections in; the Maylands Town Centre, Garratt Rd and Guildford Rd, and King William St and Guildford Rd.

It is envisaged that ongoing working group meetings between City officers and MRWA will be undertaken to review traffic modelling data and investigate possible treatments.

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


mobile: 0437994710

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