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Walkability. Cyclability

Walking and cycling make us healthier, happier, and more connected to our community and there are many opportunities to upgrade our streets to provide enjoyable and safe places to walk and ride. I think it could be of real benefit to South Ward (as has been with the West Ward Reference Group) to have a similar group focused on working with the City on improving opportunities for Walking and Cycling in our area. I think it could also benefit in seeing through the implementation of the 2014 Bayswater Local Bike Plan, and for that plan to also be re/viewed through the lens of people who actually cycle on a regular basis.

I have a motion to be considered by Council this Tuesday night that is as follows:

"That subject to Council's deliberations on the suitability of the Trial Reference Group created for West Ward as a means of assessing priorities, Council establish a Reference Group or appropriate alternative model looking at priorities and opportunities to increase cycle-ability and walk-ability within the South Ward."


Photo: My family of cyclists

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