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Monthly Report - June 2019


With the Federal election results of Scott Morrison's Coalition winning Government, the City of Bayswater will not receive the 1.5 Million dollar pledge from Labor as it was contingent on a Shorten Labor Government. Where does that leave Waterland? Well, I’m honestly not sure at the moment. The City of Bayswater has allocated 1.5 million from Public Open Space Reserve. I’m on record for not supporting that because only around $820,000 in the Maylands POS Reserve is available to the Waterland site. The remainder $680,000 of that 1.5 million would have to come from further afield in Maylands. I’m very hesitant and nervous about using up those funds as they are there to improve our public open space areas. What would it mean for Gibbney Reserve? Bardon Park? Shearn Park? Etc The first meeting of the Maylands Waterland Working Group is 25 June, 2019, and we will discuss where we are at now, and what options are available.

City of Bayswater Draft Budget 2019/20

This year, for the first time, we asked for community input into the development of the City's operating budget. We gained a better understanding of the services our community value, and used this along with our Strategic Community Plan and other community feedback, to inform our draft Budget for 2019/20. To find out more about the process, view the Participatory Budgeting explained brochure here: You can now view the City’s Draft Budget 2019/20 and the Recommendations Report provided by the community panel in the document library. On Tuesday 2 July a meeting will be held at the Civic Centre to adopt the City’s annual budget. A meeting agenda will be available on the City’s website prior to the meeting.

Maylands Town Centre

The Maylands Business Association (MBA), having received state government Local Projects, Local Jobs funding, submitted a parklet proposal for Eighth Avenue in late May. Parklets are public spaces, typically used for alfresco purposes, in a parking bay. Teaming up with local landscape firm Cultura, MBA’s parklet will be located in the parking bay outside Milkd Café, and the design incorporates lots of opportunities for greening, including a light ‘roof’ structure over which vines can grow. Consultation was undertaken with adjacent business owners. With the Parklet Guidelines in place, the City was able to approve the parklet within a fortnight. I’m looking forward to seeing this exciting new public space in the heart of Eighth Avenue in the near future. Thank you to our Place Manager for her continuing work with Business owners to help create more public spaces in our town centre.

Maylands Brickworks

The Council has resolved to consider alternate uses to reactivate the Maylands Brickworks for community uses, specifically excluding residential use, and preparation of a business case towards this regard. We have also committed to investigating external sources of funding to undertake the remaining conservation works identified in the Maylands Brickworks Conservation Management Plan. I trust that the further investigation of options, and other sources of funding, which the City will undertake will lead to an outcome that ensures that the main building is well-maintained for our future generations.

Thank you to our Mayor, Cr Dan Bull for moving my above foreshadowed motion as an amendment to the substantive motion.

Thank you also to Cr Petersen-Pik for his amendment to the original Officers motion to include a report to come back to Council about Scheme Amendment changes for the Brickworks Lake and surrounding open space from it’s current R40 status to Public Open Space.

Roxy Lane Community Theatre

Ongoing antisocial issues have been occurring around the centre at all times of the day and night. This includes open drug use, open public drinking, open public urination and defecation, open public sexual intercourse, shouted obscenities, physical altercations, harassment for money, theft, trespassing, intimidation of residents and visitors, and large amounts of litter.

I spoke with both the CEO and Mayor last week and have requested an urgent item come to Council to deal with making the site secure and safe at all times for the Tenants (Arena Arts), the surrounding Residents, as well as visitors to the area.

The report will be up for debate at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 11 June.

(UPDATE: Council approved the installation of perimeter fencing and lighting for the site)

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


mobile: 0437994710


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