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Peninsula Road Works

You may have noticed some new islands being installed along Peninsula Road. The City of Bayswater, and Councillors, have received ongoing complaints from residents in relation to traffic not adhering to the 50km/hr posted speed limit, vehicles overtaking at unsafe locations, and the difficulty of vehicles entering Peninsula Road from side roads due to vehicles speeding which reduces sight distance requirements. In addition, there have also been a number of recorded crashes in the past which included serious injuries, and casualties. It is acknowledged that these works will potentially cause inconvenience on bin collection days. This is however a once a week occurrence for a short duration. As part of these works, the City has made requests to Western Power to provide additional lights as well as upgrade existing. Linemarking will also assist in the delineation of the islands. The proposed islands have also enabled tree median plantings thus increasing the tree canopy coverage and reducing the heat island effect throughout the City. The tree plantings in these spaces will occur soon.

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