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Maylands Waterland

News of the evening is the Federal election results for 2019 is Scott Morrison's Coalition winning. I’m not going to comment on any political party, but what I will say is that this now means a 1.5 million dollar shortfall for the future of Maylands Waterland. The Federal Labor pledge back in March was contingent on a Shorten Government. Where does that leave Waterland? Well, I’m honestly not sure at the moment. The City of Bayswater has allocated 1.5 million from Public Open Space Reserve. I’m on record for not supporting that because only around $820,000 in the Maylands POS Reserve is available to the Waterland site. The remainder $680,000 of that 1.5 million would have to come from further afield in Maylands. I’m very hesitant and nervous about using up those funds as they are there to improve our public open space areas. What would it mean for Gibbney Reserve? Bardon Park? Shearn Park? Etc The Maylands Waterland Working Group will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss where we are at now, and what options are available.


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