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Maylands Public Toilet

There has been a lot of posting about the new public toilet in Maylands, so I am going to address it here. These are my comments and are not on behalf of anyone else. The PTA have categorically said no to a public toilet in the old Parcels Office, and no to a public toilet being located anywhere on their land. Yes, Whatley Crescent is not the best location overall, and was no-ones first choice, but it is the best location that is available for use. The best location is at the Maylands Train Station and is one that Lisa Baker MLA, myself, the Maylands Business Association and The City of Bayswater have been requesting from the PTA for many many years. If people want to lose their minds over a toilet that doesn’t personally affect them in any way get angry! But get angry at the PTA! Get angry that the PTA treat Maylands with zero respect and they always have! They’re never going to give us a sealed car park at the Maylands Train Station. They’re never going to put a public toilet at the Maylands train station. Get angry! But honestly, whinging on the internet doesn’t help. Do something about it! Write to and call the PTA and tell them that the way they treat our community is not good enough! We’re getting a toilet at the cnr of 7th and Whatley, and it’s going there because the PTA have zero interest in supporting communities! (Background as to why it’s location is going to be at the bridge): Unfortunately the City owned verges surrounding the Train Station are not wide enough to house a public toilet, and there is also a gas main line that runs under that verge. The site located (attached image below) has been chosen due to its exposure and is well lit both at day and night, is approximately 60m from the Maylands Train Station, is not abutting any residential dwellings, and will be 25m from the closest business. The new toilet will be “skinned” with birds and trees artwork which should compliment the bridge, and the City staff are looking at ways to soften any impact by surrounding it with a waterwise garden. Over the nine years we have looked at many different sites to possibly accommodate the toilet, these include the laneways, Ninth Avenue, various verges, and private property (all of the car parks off 8th Avenue are privately owned). The alternative sites were not viable due to either space, underground services, or ownership rights etc.

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