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Monthly Report - March 2019

Maylands Public Toilet

After nine long years, we will be getting a new public toilet in Maylands town centre. Whilst not the best location overall, it is the best location that is available for use. The ideal location is at the Maylands Train Station and is one that Lisa Baker MLA, myself, the Maylands Business Association and The City of Bayswater have been requesting from the PTA for many many years. The PTA have categorically said no to a public toilet in the old Parcels Office, and no to a public toilet being located anywhere on their land. Unfortunately the City owned verges surrounding the Train Station are not wide enough to house a public toilet, and there is also a gas main line that runs under that verge. The site located (attached image below) has been chosen due to its exposure and is well lit both at day and night, is approximately 60m from the Maylands Train Station, is not abutting any residential dwellings, and will be 25m from the closest business. The new toilet will be “skinned” with birds and trees artwork which should compliment the bridge, and the City staff are looking at ways to soften any impact by surrounding it with a waterwise garden.

Over the nine years we have looked at many different sites to possibly accommodate the toilet, these include the laneways, Ninth Avenue, various verges, and private property (all of the car parks off 8th Avenue are privately owned). The alternative sites were not viable due to either space, underground services, or ownership rights etc.

Thank you to Lisa Baker MLA for securing $140,000 from the Labor State Government for this project.

The Council Resolution was supported 8 votes to 2. The resolution was as follows:

New Street Trees for Eight Avenue

Angophora Costata (also known as smooth-barked apple, rose gum, or Sydney red gum) has been selected as the new street trees for 8th Avenue - to replace the Illawarra Flame trees that have struggled in that environment.

This species gets to a Height of 10m + and a Width of 6m +. The trunk produces a rust red/brown coloured bark. It has skinny dark green leaves and produces masses of snowy white flowers in summer.

The planting will commence closer to Winter, and will be done bit by bit in order to minimise disruption to businesses, and optimise traffic management.

Photo: a mature Angophora Costata.

Maylands Laneway Festival

Hundreds of people attended the first Maylands Laneway festival on Saturday 23 February to enjoy the beautiful weather, relaxed atmosphere and support local businesses. This was the first time the City has trialled an event of this kind in a laneway and the area certainly came alive with a pop up bar, live music and buskers. A lot of community feedback has been received, following the event, which will be considered for future events similar in nature.

Maylands Waterland

On Tuesday 13 February, Council unanimously supported my amendment that:

“Council approves the establishment of a project working group comprising of City officers, two representatives from Friends of Maylands Waterland, the two South Ward Councillors and two other interested Councillors to progress with alternate redevelopment options for the Maylands Waterland site.”

A letter has been sent to the Friends of Maylands Waterland, and the City is currently awaiting their nominations for 2 representatives for the working group. The first meeting is expected to be held in Late March.

Place Management

Eighth Avenue now features a new local artist as part of the City of Bayswater’s “Art on Eighth” initiative. Alex Mciver was born in Sydney, raised in Scotland and is now living in Maylands. Through painting, collage, film and installation, Maciver often uses humour to challenge preconceived notions and their impact on thinking and behaviour. His art makes a colourful and striking display and is well worth visiting.

Maylands Lakes

The midge outbreak experienced around the Maylands lakes over summer appears to now be under control, following extensive treatments by the City of Bayswater. The City has received positive feedback from residents within the area and traps set around the lakes are now showing significantly lower midge numbers. The City will continue to monitor the situation and further treatments will be undertaken if necessary.

Berringa Park

Significant works have occurred within Berringa Park. Pepper Trees have been removed from Bushland areas allowing native tree species to colonise the area. The Friends of Berringa Park helped to the clear area and remove weeds. Revegetation will occur in winter to improve the biodiversity of the site.

Maylands Public Golf Course

The five par 3 fairways at Peninsula Golf Course were renovated over summer and included sand banding, whilst nine fairways had top dressing applied to help dilute the thatch layers and aid drainage in preparation for winter.

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


mobile: 0437994710


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