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It’s just over 3 years since I put a motion to Council that we investigate Place Manager roles for the City of Bayswater. As a new Councillor at the time, I just couldn’t wrap my head around a Council not investing in their public spaces and supporting community to deliver their visions for their communities. It’s been just over two years now that the City of Bayswater has had two Place Managers on staff. They both work very hard in helping deliver outcomes for our community, from public art projects, supporting local events, liaising with local businesses, to working with and supporting local community groups. Last night I was happy to support 2 items on our Agenda that are both Community led Place making initiatives, supported by our Place Managers. The first one was the Progress Street Pocket Park Activation project, led by The Morley Momentum, for infrastructure and landscaping in a pretty unloved part of the Morley Town Centre. The second one was at Bert Wright Park, led by Future Bayswater, for a weekly Grower’s Market. Well done to our community groups, and the City Place Managers for continuing to develop stronger, and positive connections for our community ❤️

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