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Maylands Laneway Festival

Last year, when pitched the idea of having a festival in some of our laneways, I knew it would help people experience our laneways in a whole different way. The City of Bayswater events team, along with our Place Manager, worked hard to pull the event together, liaising with local businesses. The event wasn’t perfect, I’d have been shocked if it was. Having done events myself for many years, I know how many things can pop up to put best laid plans to waste. But the City staff did pull off an event that I had imagined. Thank you team CoB! Thank you as well to all the businesses on the street that stayed open for the event, and especially to the businesses who directly supported the event: Henry on Eighth, Rossonero Pizza, The Seasonal Brewing Company, Milkd Maylands Cafe, Honey I'm Home Produce, Maylands Church, and Star Swiss Patisserie. I’ll be taking my feedback to the City Staff, and I’d like to hear from you. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What would you do differently?

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