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Monthly Report - February 2019

Resolutions from the AGM of Electors

In January 2019, Council passed the following motion presented by Mrs Lyn Deering of Bayswater at the AGM of Electors in December 2018.

“That Council considers as part of the 2019/20 Budget process an allocation of $30,000 to

undertake a Preliminary (environmental) Site Investigation of the Maylands Waterland site

and the potentially affected areas.”

Council has adopted this and it will be considered as part of the 19/20 Budget.

Review to Dog Exercise Areas

The only change for Maylands is that with respect to Bardon Park Maylands, the only area to be considered a dog exercise area will be the open grassed area in the northern portion of Bardon Park, adjacent to Fourth Avenue East and Bardon Place as per map “attachment 2”

This successfully makes the entire foreshore area of Southward on-lead dog areas. The full report can be read here:

Ward Event

On Saturday 23 February 2019 the City will be holding a Laneway Festival for our South Ward event. I’m very keen to see more activation of our laneways, and an event is always a good place to start!

The event starts at 5pm and will be a showcase of local businesses, food, music, and drink. Please plan for the event accordingly and walk, ride, or utilise public transport to get to the event.

Maylands Waterland

At the first meeting for this year, I lodged a motion (that was unanimously supported) to make efforts to preserve the Sesquicentennial Swan that is located in the largest pool at Maylands Waterland. Regardless of what the future holds for Maylands Waterland, the Swan would have to be removed. As a part of the history of not only WA, but also Maylands, it deserves protection.

Unfortunately the City has been unsuccessful in their Community Sports and Recreational Facilities Fund (CSRFF) grant application for Maylands Waterland. The item is on the Council agenda for tomorrow night (Tuesday 12 February).

Officers are recommending

“That Council approves the establishment of a project working group comprising of City

officers, the two South Ward Councillors and any other interested Councillor to progress

with the alternate redevelopment options for the Maylands Waterland site.”

I have lodged an amendment, and hopefully it will get heard and accepted. The amendment is

“That Council approves the establishment of a project working group comprising of City officers, two representatives from Friends of Maylands Waterland, the two South Ward Councillors and any two other interested Councillors to progress with alternate redevelopment options for the Maylands Waterland site.”

Local community need a direct voice on the working group, and the Friends of Maylands Waterland are closest to the issue, having conducted community engagement and being very proactive since their formation in July/August 2018.

Participatory Budgeting

The online surveys for this have now closed, and this week sees the start of the community panels to seek further input into the City Budget for 2019/2020.

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. email:

mobile: 0437994710


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