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Councillor Column - Community-led projects to bring vibrancy

We're proud of our great public spaces in the City of Bayswater. Our town centres are not just a collection of shops, but vibrant community hubs where people gather, cultures mix, friends meet, and celebrations happen. The City is keen to support initiatives that bring vibrancy to our town centres of Noranda, Morley, Bayswater and Maylands.

With this in mind, community groups and businesses were recently offered the chance to apply for funding that would contribute to the ‘activation’ of our four town centres. I am delighted to announce that 13 community-led projects have been successful in obtaining grants through our recent Seed Placemaking Funding. The initiative generated a tremendous amount of interest and it's been great to see the passion and creativity that exists in our community.

There are some fantastic projects in the mix for Maylands; a series of free silent disco events, an entry statement artwork, and the revitalisation of the bins along Eighth Avenue. Also approved were; vertical gardens in Morley, a long table dinner in Noranda, and a Parklet on King William Street in Bayswater. I look forward to seeing these projects come to life before the end of the year.

Councillor Catherine Ehrhardt

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