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Monthly Report - May 2018


On Tuesday 1 May the City of Bayswater received Gold recognition for its efforts as a Waterwise Council. The award is given to councils for demonstrating 10 actions across all water sensitive city goal areas. Our 10 actions are: Urban Forest Strategy, Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary Nutrient Stripping Wetland, Native plants giveaway, Natural Area funding and restoration, Natural Area and Urban Wetland Mapping, Catchment Activity Day, Environment House 'Switch your thinking program', Understanding and Managing Flood Risk Project, Russell Street Living Stream and Russell Street Pop up Park, and Verge Greening Guidelines.

Media release by the Minister for Water, Dave Kelly MP​ :

Community Grants

As part of its new Community Grants Program, the City of Bayswater is offering community groups the chance to apply for a share of $412,000 in funding for initiatives that contribute to the City's vision for a strong and inclusive community.

The new Grants Program will make it easier for community groups and recreational clubs to access funding. The new program will be officially launched by the City at an information session being held from 5pm to 6pm on Monday, 21 May at the City's Civic Centre. The information session will provide participants with information about how and when to apply for grant funding.

Please RSVP to

The Bayswater Senior Citizens Centre are hosting an “Australia's Biggest Morning Tea” on Wednesday 23 May. All proceeds go to the Cancer Council Western Australia.

Bayswater Senior Citizens Biggest Morning Tea. From 9am to 12noon on Wednesday 23 May.

Call the centre on 9271 5198 to find out more or book a table.


The Maylands Street Festival is on again this Sunday (20 May) from 12pm to 6pm. Mayor Dan Bull will be giving an opening address at 12pm, and the Minister for Disability Services and the Environment, Stephen Dawson will be giving a speech shortly after.

The City of Bayswater has been a major sponsor of the Festival since 2008. I have been a volunteer organiser for the past 10 years, but I would like to extend a special thank you to the incredible people at Local Arts & Community Events who have really helped elevate this festival since 2016.


Maylands has a lot of local clubs and groups that are seeking volunteers. If you can spare even just an hour a month, please contact me and I can try to match you to a group that has shared interests with you.

Planning Applications (currently out for comment)

Proposed TWO Storey SINGLE HOUSE, Lot 723 (No.5) Kiln View, Maylands

The owner of the above property is seeking approval for proposed two storey single house at the subject property. In accordance with provisions of the City of Bayswater’s Town Planning Scheme No. 24, the proposal is being advertised for public comment on or before 4:30pm, Tuesday 22 May 2018. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the City’s Planning and Development Services on 9270 4127.

Planning and Development Services Committee

There were no items relating to Maylands on the Planning and Development Services committee agenda at the Council meeting last week.

Community Technical, Finance and Corporate Services Committee (yet to be voted on)

9.1.3 - Community Event Program Review

The City Officers are recommending to host a Sunset Markets at DeLacy Reserve in early 2019.

9.1.4 - Community Safety Forums


That Council:

1. Notes the outcomes of the Community Safety Forums;

2. Does not form an interagency committee to monitor crime, homelessness and begging; and

3. Authorises further engagement with the community on community safety issues by:

a) Holding community forums or meetings for specific purposes as required, with agencies that hold responsibility for dealing with the issues in attendance where possible;

b) Providing further education to business owners through foot patrols on the importance of reporting illegal behaviour to Police; and

c) Running education campaigns through social media and other forums within budget.

9.1.6 - Dog Exercise Area Review


That Council:

1. Approves the local public notice for the intention to specify under section 31 (3A) of The Dog Act 1976 that all City of Bayswater parks are considered Dog Exercise Areas unless otherwise specified below:

a) Bert Wright Park;

b) Specified areas of Maylands Peninsula as per attachment 5 of the Review;

c) Specified area of Riverside Gardens West as per attachment 4 of the Review;

d) Any park or reserve during a community event or sporting activity; and

e) Within 5 metres of any playground, lake or carpark;

2. Approves local public notice for the intention to specify under section 31 (2B) of the Dog Law Act 1976, that the following public places will be considered to be places where dogs are prohibited:

a) Lightening Swamp Bushland, other than on designated paths and with a leash securely fastened;

b) Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary, other than on designated paths and with a leash securely fastened; and

c) Any park or reserve where fox trapping, nesting wildlife, weed eradication or other seasonal activities are taking place and are suitably signed during these activities.

3. Introduce new park signage to clarify dog owner responsibilities with priority for implementation being Riverside Gardens, conservation areas, major sporting venues and playgrounds;

4. Develop costings and a design for a specialist dog park separated for large and small dogs at Strutt Way Reserve, Noranda to include fencing, dog agility equipment, water fountains and shade;

5. Provide community education programs at parks and other public spaces including events, to improve local knowledge of where and when dogs can be exercised off lead, how to control dogs off lead, social etiquette at Dog Exercise Areas and key features of the WA Dog Act and City of Bayswater Dog Local Law;

6. Conduct at least two major Ranger enforcement campaigns a year in parks to issue cautions/infringements for dog offences and check registrations;

7. Conduct a door knock program to identify unregistered animals every three years;

8. Note that a review the Dog Local Law is proposed to be undertaken in 2019/20; and

9. Considers an allocation of $20,000 in the 2018/19 operating budget for design and development of new park signage.

9.2.1 - Proposed Alterations To Traffic Treatment - Crawford Road and Harrow Street Intersection


That Council undertakes the installation of a one lane slow point (Treatment Option 2) at the intersection of Crawford Road and Harrow Street, Maylands.

9.2.2 - Tree Amenity Valuation


That Council adopts the Helliwell Amenity Valuation system, to be used to determine the amenity value of tree assets across the City for the following purposes:

(a) For general asset cost analysis and recording in line with the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPD) Asset Management Guidelines;

(b) Asset cost recovery in the event a tree is illegally removed; and

(c) Consideration of asset cost recovery when a resident wishes to have a tree removed to facilitate development of their property.

If you have any questions or wish to raise any local issues, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. mobile: 0437994710 email:

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