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Councillor Column - Protecting our Heritage

The Mayland's Brickworks is a wonderful example of a historic building in the City of Bayswater.

The Metropolitan Brick Company began its operations there in 1927 and the buildings have been identified as an important example of brick-making technology and a significant example our industrial history.

The kiln is the last remaining Hoffman kiln in Western Australia and is one of only four left in Australia.

Council recently approved the start of a concept and feasibility study for the 26,672sq m site, at no cost to ratepayers.

We are now looking forward to consulting with the community on this project in the New Year and are considering options for the site to ensure that we find an appropriate use for it.

I remember when the Brickworks closed down in 1984, and have watched them sit vacant for the last 33 years.

I'm very excited about this project and restoration of the site. It will be great opportunity for the community to enjoy its history, and will add to the Maylands area as a true economic asset.

We will work closely with the Heritage Directorate from the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage on the project to ensure that we protect and enhance this heritage into the future.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt

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