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Maylands Public Toilet

Do you think that Maylands Town Centre needs a public Toilet? Currently the only public toilet available to people in the Maylands Townsite is a staggering 350 meters from the Maylands Train Station - behind Maylands Hall. Did you know that there already are two toilets inside the Maylands Parcels Office (at the Train Station opposite Smoults Continental Deli)? Do you think that they should be opened up for public access? I often get calls or visits from locals wanting to dicsuss the lack of ablution facilities in our town centre - from people using the cycle path, to seniors out shopping in the district, to people alighting from the train, to business owners whose shops have become defacto 'relieving' stations. A few weeks ago I found out that there have been two toilets inside the Parcels Office (vacant) the entire time. Tomorrow night at Council I will be moving that the City of Bayswater contact the PTA to discuss options for allowing the Toilets area to be opened up to the public. IMO, having public toilets in our town centre would improve local amenity and support social activities within the townsite. Photo: One of the toilets inside the Parcels Office.

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