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Councillor Column - Tree poisoning

You may have seen the large sign recently erected by the City at Ingles Reserve in Bayswater where a number of trees have been poisoned.

As a result of this poisoning, which is an irresponsible act of wanton vandalism, several of the trees on this riverside reserve have died.

Trees have an important role to play in the riverine ecosystem and they are a valuable asset to the whole of our community, so their loss impacts us all.

Unfortunately, such attacks are all too frequent and they can occur across our City. This vandalism represents a significant cost to ratepayers in replacing the dead trees or nursing stressed trees back to health.

Where such attacks occur, the City relies on the local community to act as our eyes and ears and to help deter further attacks from taking place; I would like to ask our community to be vigilant.

If you have any information about the poisoning of the trees at Ingles Reserve or at any other location, please contact the City's Rangers and Security Service on 1300 360 333.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt

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