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Maylands Waterland

I spent a bit of time down at Maylands Waterland today talking to the patrons and staff. I will be there again tomorrow (lunch time) if anyone wishes to come down and see me to have a chat. I would like to clear a few things up. Whilst one option does mention "Do Nothing" (Option 1) and another option is "Close Facility" (Option 3), neither of these options are supported by the Officers. Option 1 and 3 are NOT supported by me. I want the community to have a voice. I want the City to conduct a comprehensive community engagement process about the future of Maylands Waterland without placing limits on the discussion. The Officers reccommendation (Option 4) is "That Council endorses that Officers will prepare a further report regarding the development and implementation of a comprehensive community engagement process that includes all relevant stakeholders to explore future options for Maylands Waterland." Council will be considering the Officer Recommendation about Maylands Waterland this coming Tuesday.

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