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Councillor Column - Staying safe from mozzies

Mozzies are disease carrying insects that continue to present a real threat to human health both locally and internationally.

In Western Australia mosquitoes have the potential to carry the debilitating Ross River Virus (RRV) and Barmah Forrest Virus (BFV), as well as some other serious blood-borne diseases.

This is why we are continuing to run wide-ranging programs designed to reduce the incidence and impact of disease, and the nuisance factor associated with mosquito breeding.

The City uses advanced equipment, including an amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) which enables operations in rough terrain and previously inaccessible breeding sites.

The City's dedicated Mosquito Control Unit (MCU) are treating, sampling and trapping mosquitoes throughout our breeding sites on a daily basis. The results have indicated that the mosquitoes are a majority of Aeds Notoscriptis which are a freshwater backyard breeder and wetland mosquitoes have been minimal within the traps.

This action assists in ensuring that we target the problem areas and our community enjoys a safer and more pleasant environment to live, work and recreate in.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt

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