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Pedestrian Crossing at Maylands Train Station

The Zebra crossing at the Maylands Train Station (on Railway Parade) may have seemed a 'logical' placement to the planners. Reality is that it is not a logical placement for human nature when the exit points from the station are located 25m away either side of the crossing. Throw that in with speeding cars that rarely stop at the crossing for the few that use it and it is recipe for disaster. The whole area between the two exits from the train station needs to be a crosswalk with flashing beacons (Pelican Crossing). This is not the first fatality in this area and, unfortunately, I do not think it will be the last until something is done.

Link to article from 2013. Over 2 years ago and still no Pelican Crossing.…/pelican-to-replace-zebra/

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